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Hue Thuong Travel Company Ltd Since: 2010

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Fax.(84-54) 389 8586
Address39 Ben Nghe, Hue City, Vietnam
Hue Thuong Travel is located in an ideal location right downtown. Hue, Perfume River just a few steps, the railway station & 2 km from Phu Bai airport 10 km. We offer a variety of services such as tours, hotel reservations, tourist guides, car rental new life, boat, cyclo, a bus ticket to the provinces of North-South, airport shuttle flight. Besides, we also sell tickets and home delivery with very competitive prices of all airlines including Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar, Air Asia, Hong Kong Air, Singapore Airlines, Thai Air, China Airlines , Tiger Airways, Air France .... Especially for the tour, we have many exciting programs in various forms: cultural, ecological, sports, heritage and natural history. In addition, we also tour local design individual requirements of each group, each group of guests. Customers will feel comfortable and satisfied when choosing to use the services of Hue Travel Trade
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1 Nguyen Thi Cam Nhi Director 0907 938 251 054.361 4748 huethuongtravel@yahoo.com