Dragon Wood  Industries Corporation

Dragon Wood Industries Corporation Since: 1989

Corporate Status: Co-operation
Business Type: Retail, Processor, Exporter, Service Provider
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Fax.856 41 214 246
The factory was established in 1989 and the main business is wood manufacturer which producing lumber, flooring parquet, wooden mozaic and finger-joint. Our products exporting to many parts of the world such as South Africa, Main Land China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam as well. We are manufacturing different of sizes of timber, flooring parquet to meet our custumers' requirements and market demand and winning the good reputation of the best quality supply. The factory is locating on the main road no.9 in Savannakhet province, Lao PRD,5 km far from downtown and only 1 km next to Lao-Thai bridge providing good and most convenience transportation for across country and local delivery as well. The factory owned the land property with total area of 50 000 m2. It contain an administrative office with dormitory for senior staff,2 sawmill sections,1 flooring parquet section,1 wooden mozaic section,1 finger joint section,4 kiln dry units with steamer, work shop, ware house and workers dormitory. The factory production volume is 1.500 cubic meter ( m3) minimum per month including timber and wooden parquet and mozaic. The factory employed 250 workers and fully equipped with owned transportation team, the factory owned 46 units of cars and trucks, it contents of 26 heavy trucks (6 wheels to 18 wheels) and 3 cranes in 12 tons,35 tons and 45 tons respectively. The factory fully granted the license in grade 1 by Lao government which has the right to export the wood products abroad.
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1 Mr Somphong Sengsavankham Head of Managerment Office 856 20 5569 4360 856