Welcome to Danang

Da Nang (occasionally Danang; in Vietnamese: Danang) is a major port city in the South Central Coast of Vietnam, on the coast of the South China Sea at the mouth of the Han River. It is the commercial and educational center of Central Vietnam; its well-sheltered, easily accessible port and its location on the path of National Route 1A and the North-South Railway make it a hub for transportation. It is located within 100 km of several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Imperial City of Hue, the Old Town of Hoi An, and the My Son ruins. The city was previously known as Cua Han  during early Dai Viet settlement, and as Tourane (or Turon) during the period of French colonization. Before 1997, the city was part of Quang Nam- Da Nang province_profile. On January 1, 1997, Danang was separated from Quang Nam province_profile to become one of five independent (centrally-controlled) municipalities in Vietnam. Da Nang is listed as a first class city, and has a higher urbanization ratio than any of Vietnam’s other provinces or centrally governed cities. As of the 2009 census, Da Nang was the fifth most populated city in Vietnam.

Indicators 2010 Quang Tri TT Hue Danang
Land area (km2) 4,781.6 5,033.2 1,283.4
Population (persons) 601,672 1,090,800 942,132
GDP (VND bil) 2,719.7 6,143 10,273.8
GDP per income (US$) 791 1,150 2,015
Coastline (km) 75 120 70
Industrial parks 02 06 06
EZ, IT park, Hi-tech park Southest Q.Tri EZ Chan May EZ Danang IT park, Danang Hi-tech park
Seaport Cua Viet Chan May Tien Sa
International airport Phu Bai Danang
National road R1A, R9 R1A, R49 R1A, R14B
Foreign visitor (arrivals) 99,297 460,785 380,000
Vietnamese visitor (arrivals) 371,403 683,622 1,400,000
Hotel rooms 1,200 7,231 6.089

What is the right time to visit Danang for business?

Ðà Nang has a tropical monsoon climate with two seasons: a lengthy wet season lasting from May through January and a short dry season lasting from February through April. Temperatures are typically high, with an annual average of 25.9 °C (78.6 °F).

Temperatures are highest between June and August (averaging 33 to 34 °C (91 to 93 °F)), and lowest between December and February (averaging 18 to 19 °C (64 to 66 °F)). Short cold spells happen occasionally in winter, bringing even lower temperatures. The annual average for humidity is 83.4%, with highs between October and November (reaching 85–87%) and lows between June and July (reaching 76–77%). Rainfall is typically highest between October and November and lowest between January and April. Danang is hottest between May and June and coldest between November and December. Therefore best time to visit Da Nang for business meets is between February to April when it is relatively dry and also not very hot. Dry weather would be convenient to organize trade fairs.

Business Associations, Cooperatives, SME associations

Association Activity
Name: VCCI, Da Nang branch
Contact number:             +84-511-3821719      
Address: 256 Tran Phu, Da Nang, Vietnam
No. of Members: about 1000 members
  • To represent business community for the promotion and protection of the lawful, legitimate interests of the business community and employers in Central Highlands in domestic and  international relations
  • To promote the development of enterprises, entrepreneurs, the cooperation among business entities and to offer assistance in trade and investment, economic and technological cooperation and other business activities of enterprises in Vietnam and abroad
Name: Young Entrepreneurs Association
Contact number:             +84-511-3886962      
Address: Xuan Thuy Str., Da Nang, Vietnam
No. of Members:
  • To protect the rights and benefits of members who are young businessmen of Danang city
  • To support young businessmen of Danang city in their business development, investment cooperation, knowledge enhancement, etc
  • To be the forum providing and discussing information between young entrepreneurs and other organizations
Name: Da Nang Cooperatives Alliance
Contact number:             +84-511-3897354      
Address: 123 Phan Chu Trinh, Da Nang, Vietnam
No. of Members:
  • To represent and protect the legitimate rights of cooperatives in Danang city
  • To support and provide necessary services for the establishment and development of cooperatives and cooperatives unions
  • To participate in buiding policies related to cooperatives
  • To represent cooperatives and cooperative unions in the combination of the members with domestic and international organizations according to Vietnam laws.
Name: Danang Lawyer Association
Contact number: +84-511-3871747/3866190
Address: 452 Ong Ich Khiem Str., Danang, Vietnam
No. of Members: over 40000 members
  • To participate in building laws and researching legal science
  • To disseminate laws to members, state officials and the city people
  • To provide legislation consultancy services
  • To Participate in some state management activities and research programs, projects at the request of state organizations
Name: Danang Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Association
Contact number: +84-511-3840354/2241176/3479456 – Fax: +84-511-3840354
Address: 208 Trung Nu Vuong Str., Hai Chau Dist., Danang, Vietnam
No. of Members: about 200 members
  • To represent and protect legitimate rights and benefits of the members
  • To support SMEs in seeking, expanding markets, developing their business
  • To be the forum to discuss information and experience between SMEs

Economic Zones

Danang has a total of 6 economic zones and 1 High-tech Industrial Park

Economic Zone 1

Name: Da Nang Sea Product Service and Industrial Zone
Total area: 77,3 ha
Location (city/district): Son Tra District, 3.5 km from the city centre, 2.5 km from Tien Sa Sea Port and 18.5 km from Lien Chieu Sea Port.
Specificity/Specialty: The infrastructure such as water and electricity supply and the telecommunication network is ready for investment projects.
Type of industries: Sea products processing, Fishing port services

Economic Zone 2

Name: Hoa Cam Industrial Zone
Total area: 266 ha
Location (city/district): Cam Le District
Specificity/Specialty: The infrastructure such as water and electricity supply and the telecommunication network is under-constructing.
Type of industries: Electrical equipment, electronic products, machinery assembly, agro-processing industry, construction materials and furniture

Economic Zone 3

Name: Lien Chieu Industrial Zone
Total area: 307,7 ha
Location (city/district): Hoa Hiep Ward, Lien Chieu District with a total area of 373.5 ha, it is 15 km from the Danang International Airport, 25 km from Tien Sa Sea Port, 18 km from Song Han Port, close to Lien Chieu Sea Port and borders the southern end of the Hai Van Tunnel

Specificity/Specialty: The technical infrastructure such as water and electricity supply and the telecommunication network is ready for investment projects. Services for industrial production are ready to meet the demands of the investors.

Type of industries: Heavy industries such as steel, rubber, cement and chemicals, Building materials, machinery assembly.

Economic Zone 4

Name: Hoa Khanh Industrial Zone
Total area: 423,5 ha

Location (city/district): Hoa Khanh Ward, Lien Chieu District with a total area of 423,5 ha, 10 km from the Danang International airport, 20 km from Tien Sa Sea Port, 13 km from Song Han Port and 5 km from Lien Chieu Sea Port.

Specificity/Specialty: The infrastructure such as water and electricity supply and the telecommunication network is ready for investment projects.

Type of industries: Mechanical manufacture, assembly, electronics and garments. Agricultural, forestry and seafood processing and post-petrochemical products including packaging and plastics

Economic Zone 5

Name: Hoa Khanh Extended Industrial Zone
Total area: 326,52 ha
Location (city/district): Hoa Khanh Ward, Lien Chieu District, 10 km from the Danang International airport, 20 km from Tien Sa Sea Port, 13 km from Song Han Port and 5 km from Lien Chieu Sea Port.
Specificity/Specialty: The technical infrastructure such as water and electricity supply and the telecommunication network is ready for investment projects. Services for industrial production are ready to meet the demands of the investors
Type of industries: Electrical equipment, electronic products, textile, agro-processing industry, construction materials with limited capacity

Economic Zone 6

Name: Da Nang Industrial Zone
Total area: 50 ha
Location (city/district): Son Tra district, , 6 Km to the south of Tien Sa port, 5 km to the east of Da Nang International Airport and 2 km from the center of City
Specificity/Specialty: The infrastructure such as water and electricity supply and the telecommunication network is ready for investment projects.
Type of industries: Textile and Garment (except dyeing), leather products, electrical equipment and electronic products, food and fruit juice processing, industrial product processes, handicrafts and furniture, plastic product, services for commerce and investment.

Industrial Park

Name: High-tech IP

Total area: 1,000ha

Location: Nhon Hoa commune, Hoa Vang District
Specificity/Specialty: information technology and communications, biotechnology, new materials technology, automation technology, space technology, precision engineering technology.
Type of industries: High-tech manufacturing, research center, technology training centers and human resource development.

Financial Service

Banking, financing, insurance services are increasingly developed in Danang to meet a wide range of business ventures and investment. Most of the major banks and financial companies of Vietnam have branches in Danang. There are about 59 banks and bank branches with 230 offices, 30 insurance companies, 14 auditing companies in Danang now. Some branches of foreign banks and international insurance companies are now operating effectively in the city. These services are continuously being upgraded to satisfy investors’ needs.

Main Financial Institution for loans:
The State Bank of Vietnam – Branch in Danang city
– Address: 48 Tran Phu Str., Danang
– Tel: (84.511) 3821055 – Fax: (84.511) 3821128
SCB (Saigon Commercial Bank) – Branch in Danang
– Address: 256 Tran Phu St., Danang
– Tel:  (84 511) 3565544
– Fax: (84 511) 3565599
VIETCOMBANK (Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam) – Branch in Danang
– Address: 140-142 Le Loi St., Danang
– Tel: (84.511) 3822110 – Fax: (84.511) 3826062
TECHCOMBANK – Branch in Danang
– Address: 244-248 Nguyen Van Linh St.
– Tel: (84.511) 3650118
– Fax: (84.511) 3650319
– E-mail: [email protected]
BIDV (Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam) – Branch in Danang
– Address: 90 Nguyen Chi Thanh St., Ðà N?ng
– Tel: (84.511) 3821703 – 3837602
– Fax: (84.511) 3827963
– E-mail: [email protected]
MILITARY BANK – Branch in Danang
– Address: 56 Dien Bien Phu St., Danang
– Tel: (84.511) 257999
– Fax: (84.511) 257889
VIETINBANK (Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade of Vietnam) – Branch in Danang
– Address: 172 Nguyen Van Linh St., Danang
– Tel: (84.511) 3824293
– Fax: (84.511) 3810388
– E-mail: [email protected]
VIET A BANK – Branch in Danang
– Address: 33 Hung Vuong St., Danang
– Tel: (84.511) 3821780
– Fax: (84.511) 3823369
AGRIBANK (Agricultural and Rural Development Bank) – Branch in Danang
– Address: 23 Phan Dinh Phung St., Danang
– Tel: (84.511) 3821168
– Fax: (84.511) 3810577
SOUTHERN BANK – Branch in Danang
– Address: 337 Le Duan St., Danang
– Tel: (84.511) 3750986
– Fax: (84.511) 3750987
Financial Leasing Company II – Agricultural and Rural Development Bank in Danang
– Address: 14 Nguyen Tri Phuong Str., Danang
– Tel: (84.511) 3646911 (3 lines) – Fax: (84.511) 3646634
SHB – Branch in Danang
– Address: 89 Nguyen Van Linh St., Danang
– Tel: (84.511) 3584395
MARITIME BANK – Branch in Danang
– Address: 15 Le Duan St., Danang
– Tel: (84.511) 3825019/3825804
– Fax: (84.511) 3886327
AB BANK (An Binh Bank) – Branch in Danang
– Address: 179 Nguyen Chi Thanh Str., Danang
– Tel: (84.511) 2225262
EXIMBANK (Vietnam Export Import Bank) – Branch in Danang
– Address: 48 Tran Phu St., Danang
– Tel: (84.511) 3830889/3826676/3826673
– Fax: (84.511) 3826640
MHB (Mekong Housing Bank) – Branch in Danang
– Address: 129 Le Loi St., Danang
– Tel: (84.511) 3817821
– Fax: (84.511) 3817823
ACB (Asia Commercial Bank) – Branch in Danang
– Address: 16 Thai Phien St., Danang
– Tel: (84.511) 3897806 – 3897886 – 3897963
– Fax: (84.511) 3897883
– Website: http://www.acbbank.com.vn
Vietnam Bank for Social Policies – Branch in Danang
– Address: 127 Quang Trung St., Danang
– Tel: (84.511) 3893409
DONG A BANK – Branch in Danang
– Address: 51 Nguyen Van Linh St., Danang
– Tel: (84.511) 3582971
– Fax: (84.511) 3562744
VP BANK  – Branch in Danang
– Address: 135 Phan Chu Trinh St., Danang
– Tel: (84.511) 3821486
SACOMBANK (Saigon Thuong Tin Bank) – Branch in Danang
– Address: 202 Hoang Dieu St., Danang
– Tel: (84.511) 3582616
– Fax: (84.511) 3582613
VID PUBLIC BANK – Branch in Danang
– Address: 02 Tran Phu St., Danang
– Tel: (84.511) 3826801/3826802
– Fax: (84.511) 3826800
Vietnam International Commercial Bank (VIB Bank) – Branch in Danang
– Address: 189 – 193 Nguyen Van Linh Str., Danang
– Tel: (84.511) 3653171 – Fax: (84.511) 3652741
VINASIAM BANK – Branch in Danang
– Address: 31 Phan Chu Trinh St., Danang
– Tel: (84.511) 3840555
SAIGON BANK (Saigon Bank for Industry and Trade) – Branch in Danang
– Address: 169-171 Nguyen Van Linh St.
– Tel: (84.511) 3652494
– Fax: (84.511) 3652491
Eastern Bank – Branch in Central Vietnam
– Address: 05 Dong Da Str., Danang
– Tel: (84.511) 3887825 – Fax: (84.511) 3887898
South East Asian Bank (SeaBank)
– Address: 23 Nguyen Van Linh Str., Danang
– Tel: (84.511) 3584360
VIET THAI joint venture Bank
– Address: 31 Phan Chu Trinh Str., Danang
– Tel: (84.511) 3840555 – Fax: (84.511) 3840554
Global Petroleum Bank (GP Bank) – Branch in Danang
– Address: 115 Dien Bien Phu Str., Danang
– Tel: (84.511) 3720888 – Fax: (84.511) 3720887
NAM VIET Commercial Joint Stock Bank (NAVIBANK) – Branch in Danang
– Address: 99 Nui Thanh Str., Danang
– Tel: (84.511) 3631669

Infrastructure Facilities

Danang has achieved the fastest rate of infrastructure development in Vietnam. For the past decade, it has used internal and external forces to be well on the way to a green, clean and beautiful city, for which it has received national recognition.

Danang Port – the third largest commercial port in Vietnam after Saigon and Haiphong

Danang International Airport – one of the three best airports in Vietnam. addition to domestic flights, there are weekly flights from Danang to Singapore and Bangkok. Flights to Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea will be operating in the near future. At the moment, Danang International Airport is being expanded along with building a new terminal to meet the increasing demands of passengers and cargo transportation.

Road system – The communication system inside and outside the city is being continually expanded and newly built. Many large construction projects are in use or in the completion stage including major streets; the Hai Van Pass Tunnel; and the Song Han, Tuyen Son and Thuan Phuoc bridges.

Post and Telecommunications – Danang is one of the three major national post and telecommunications centres. It has an international marine optical fiber cable station (SE-ME-WE 3); and an international transmission line with a speed of 355 Mbps and the top quality of ASEAN countries.

Power and water supply
Power for production and domestic use in Danang is supplied by the national electricity grid through the north-south 500KV high voltage line. The existing capacity of the Danang Water Plant is over 80,000m3 per day. A new plant is now under construction with a capacity of 120,000m3 per day, ensuring about 210,000m3 per day in the coming time.

Insurance Service

Main Insurance Company
Address: 97 Tran Phu St., Danang
Tel: (84.511) 3821260 / 3812322
Fax: (84.511) 3821601
E-mail: [email protected]
PRUDENTIAL – Rep. Office in Danang
Address: 244-248 Nguyen Van Linh St., Danang
Tel : (84.511) 3650240
Fax : (84.511) 3650320
BAO MINH – Branch in Danang
Address: 166-168 Nguyen Van Linh St., Danang
Tel : (84.511) 3691091
Fax : (84.511) 3835797
MANULIFE – Rep. Office in Danang
Address: 8th floor, Vinh Trung Plaza, 255 – 257 Hung Vuong St., Danang
Tel: (84.511) 3887018
Fax: (84.511) 3887028
AAA ASSURANCE – Branch in Central Vietnam
Address: 87A Le Ðinh Duong, Danang
Tel: (84.511) 3584 555
Fax: (84.511) 3584 444
DAI-ICHI LIFE – Rep. Office in Danang
Address: 3rd floor, Hanoi Tourist Building, 10 Hai Phong St., Danang
Tel: (84.511) 3 650 860
Fax: (84.511) 3 650 861
PIJICO (Petrovietnam Insurance Joint Stock Corporation) – Branch in Danang
Address: 54-56 Nguyen Van Linh St., Danang
Tel: 84 511 3896896
Fax: 84 511 3895890
ACE LIFE  –  Rep. Office in Danang
Address: 102 – 104 – 106 Nui Thanh St, Danang
Tel: (84.511) 37 97 999
Fax: (84.511) 37 97 997
AIA ASSUARANCE – Rep. Office in Danang
Address: 2nd floor, Eximbank Building, 48 Tran Phu St., Danang
Tel :  (84.511) 3810464 – Fax : (84.511) 3810460
LIBERTY INSURANCE –  Rep. Office in Danang
Address :   2nd floor – Savico Building – 66 Vo Van Tan, Danang

Investment Opportunities

In the first half of this year, Danang attracted US$2.7 billion of foreign direct investment committed into 175 projects. Total FDI in the province_profile: 3,2 billion USD – 196 FDI projects (accumulated to March 31st, 2011).

Land price (tentatively)

1 year period
10 years period
20 years period
30 years period
>40 years period
0.60 usd/m2/nam
055  usd/m2/nam
0.50 usd/m2/nam
0.45 usd/m2/nam
0.40 usd/m2/nam

Type of business/industry (ies) mainly targeted

  • High-tech industries
    • Software production
    • Telecommunication equipment production
    • Personal computer/peripheral, office equipment production
    • Optoelectronics
    • Combinational circuit, semi conductors
    • Precision mechanics: production of scientific equipment (medical equipment, precision measurement equipment, optical tools, etc.)
    • Biotech applied industries for agriculture, food processing and pharmaceuticals, and environment friendly products, etc.
    • New materials production
    • Environment protection equipment
    • Energy industry
    • Space industry serving natural disaster and weather forecast, etc.
    • Other high-tech industries
  • Supporting industry
  • Processing industry

Other industries

  • Tourism
  • Real estate
  • Trade
  • Public health
  • Education and training
  • Seaport and airport logistics
  • Banking and finance
  • Postal services
  • Information and media
  • Insurance
  • Freight forwarding & transportation Technical transfer & investment consultancy
  • Corporate support
  • Other services

Below is the list of projects you can invest into!!!

No. Project Invested Capital Scope
1 Energy drink manufacturer 100 foreign investment Industry
2 Kids first project 35.000 USD (100 foreign investment) Industry
3 Phuong nam electric motor and bicycle assembly factory 3.125 million dollars Industry
4 China commercial area 45,000 dollars Materials
5 Mobile phone assembly factory Industry
6 Gio Nga Co. Ltd Industry
7 Software park 30 million dollars Industry
8 Computer assembly manufacturer. 20,000 products / year Industry
9 Manufacture and assemble civil electrical and electronic products  500,000 products / year Industry
10 Manufacture and assemble refrigeration equipment 5 million dollars Industry
11 Field of industry 50-10 million dollars Industry
12 Produce electrical cable of various kinds 25 million dollars Industry
13 Manufacture shipbuilding electrical cable 9.5 million dollars Industry
14 Manufacture fiber optic cable 8 million dollars Industry
15 Produce and assemble specialized medical electronic equipment ( blood pressure apparatus, cardiograph ) 10 million dollars Industry
16 Produce high-grade decorative lamp of various kinds 5 million dollars Industry
17 Produce peripheral devices for computer ( printer, scanner) 35 million dollars Industry
18 Manufacture and assemble digital devices. 15 million dollars Industry
19 Produce circuit board for electrical and electronic industry 10 million dollars Industry
20 Produce electric motors 9.5 million dollars Industry
21 Cultivate and process export mushroom 600 tons of fresh mushrooms / year Industry
22 Process export aquatic product 5,000 tons / year Industry
23 Breed and process poultry 15 million dollars Industry
24 Produce plastic products 5-8 million dollars Industry
25 Produce plastic formwork 1.6 million dollars Industry
26 Manufacture soundproof, heatproof material 5 million dollars Industry
27 Produce leatherette ( simile ) and rubberized cloth 10 million dollars Industry
28 Produce water pipe reinforced by fiberglass 7000-10000 tons / year Industry
29 Manufacture motorcycle accessories 3-5 million dollars Industry
30 Produce medical equipment and materials 250 tons / year Industry
31 Produce medical gloves 3 million Industry
32 Manufacture sports apparatus 500,000 products / year Industry
33 Soot manufacturing 40 million dollars Industry
34 Produce perfume and high-grade cosmetic 3-5 million dollars Industry
35 Produce soda 5 million dollars Industry
36 Manufacture adhesive of various kinds 1 million dollars Industry
37 Manufacture soldering stick 1,000 tons / year Industry
38 Manufacture reflected light materials for traffic 5 million dollars Industry
39 Manufacture kinds of equipment and tools for agricultural production. 2-5 million dollars Industry
40 Manufacture mainframe equipment and accessories (lathe, mill, planer, grinder…) 50-10 million dollars Industry
41 Manufacture metal accessories for civil porcelain factory (valve, tap…) 5-7 million dollars Industry
42 Manufacture metal mold 2-5 million dollars Industry
43 Produce civil inox 600 tons / year Industry
44 Manufacture ventilation system in industry. 4 million dollars Industry
45 Produce household metal products 300 tons / year Industry
46 Produce standard screw 5 million dollars Industry
47  Build boat with FRP 3 million dollars Industry
48 Produce standard screw 5 million dollars Industry
49 Garment industry 3-5 million dollars Industry
50 Export footwear production. 3-5 million dollars Industry
51 Export silk production 500,000 meters per year Industry
52 Knitting factory 5,000 tons / year Industry
53 Synthetic factory 50-70 million dollars Industry
54 High-quality cloths production 50-30 million dollars Industry
55 Synthetic factory 50-70 million dollars Industry
56 High-quality cloths production 50-30 million dollars Industry
57 Antibiotic production meeting the GMP standard 5 million dollars Industry
58 Export handicraft production 1-2 million dollars Industry
59 High-quality carton packing production 2 million dollars Industry
60 High-quality stationery production 1 million products / year Industry
61 Senior trade center 10 million dollars Industry
62 Apartment for low-income people 10 million dollars Industry
63 International trade exhibition 15 million dollars Industry
64 Sports service center 40 million dollars Industry

Logistic Provider

Da Nang City is an important logistics hub of the Central Region, Western Highlands and Vietnam. It has an international airport, deep-water seaport, north-south land routes and railways to support economic activities, investment and tourism.

Major Logistic Company Type of activities/services
Name:  VIETFRACHT Da Nang (Transport and Chartering Joint Stock Company)
Contact number:  Tel :+84 – 511.3573113/ 3823538
Address:  113 Hoang Van Thu Str. – Hai Chau Dist., Danang city – S.R Vietnam
– Container and Transportation
– Shipping Agency
– Shipbrokering & Chartering
– Sea/ Land/ Air freight Forwarding
– Total logistics
Name:  Foreign Trade Freight Forwarding and Warehousing Company Limited (VIETRANS)
Contact number: (0511) – 3704094
Address:  lot A – 192B, 30/4 Street, Hai Chau District – Da Nang
Known as VIETRANS, is an International Freight Forwarder under the Ministry of Industry and Trade. It specializes in freight forwarding, transportation and warehousing of all imports and exports in and out
Name: Vinatrans Danang- International Freight Forwarding Company
Contact number:  +84.511.897774
Address:  184 Tran Phu Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang city, Vietnam
Airfreight/ Express Courrier, Shipping service, LCL consolidation, Landing Transport and other related services
Name: International Freight Forwarders Company (INTERLINK)
Contact number: +84-511-3631043, Fax: +84-511-3631044
Address: 146 2/9 Str., Hai Chau Dist., Danang city, Vietnam
– Picking up/delivery to/from factory.
– Warehousing or storage.
– Palletising, barcoding, labeling, packing, crating services for a variety of commercial cargoes, plant cargoes, household goods.
– Stuffing and Loading into container / devanning.
– Customs brokerage.
– Documentation service.
– Cargo Insurance
– Door-delivery ex arrival Port of discharge to final address
Name: International M&P Trading Services Co., Ltd Branch in Danang
Contact number: +84-511-3817949
Address: 127 Nguyen Chi Thanh Str., Hai Chau Dist., Danang city, Vietnam
– Import and export goods forwarding
– Goods consignment
Name: Thai Minh Joint Stock Company – Branch in Danang (THAMICO DANANG)
Contact number: +84-511-33552781/3552782, Fax: +84-511-3552780
Address: 155 Trung Nu Vuong Str., Hai Chau Dist., Danang city, Vietnam
– Sea freight and air freight
– Door to door transportation
– Custom procedures services
– Warehouse renting
– Shipping agency
Name: Weixin cargo services Co., Ltd
Contact number: +84-511-3631550
Address: 3 Phan Thanh Tai Str., Hai Chau Dist., Danang city, Vietnam
– Goods forwarder
– Custom procedures services
– Import – export procedure services
Name: VIETLINK Co., Ltd
Contact number: +84-511-3888035
Address: 98 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Str., Hai Chau Dist., Danang city, Vietnam
– Multimodal transport
– LCL consolidation
– Custom services
– Warehouse services
– Container agency
– Transport consultation
Name: SDV Vietnam Co., Ltd – Branch in Danang
Contact number: +84-511-3653839
Address: 189 Nguyen Van Linh Str., Hai Chau Dist., Danang city, Vietnam
Transportation and forwarding services
Name: Nam Tuan Co., Ltd
Contact number: +84-511-3826841/3810095
Address: 31 Quang Trung
Transportation and forwarding services
Name: Everich Co., Ltd – Branch in Danang
Contact number: +84-511-3691646
Address: 162 Nguyen Van Linh Str., Hai Chau Dist., Danang city, Vietnam
– Import – export goods forwarding
– Multimodal transportation
– Trade brokage services
– Custom services
– Goods packaging
– Warehouse services
– LCL consolidation
Name: Danang International Forwarding and Trade Co., Ltd
Contact number: +84-511-3896070/3886179, Fax: +84-511-895589
Address: 39 Tran Quy Cap Str., Hai Chau Dist., Danang city, Vietnam
– Sea freight
– Multimodal transportation
– Inland haulage
– Warehousing
Name: Central Container Co., Ltd (VICONSHIP DANANG)
Contact number: +84-511-3834232/3822922, Fax: +84-511-3826111
Address: 75 Quang Trung Str., Hai Chau Dist., Danang city, Vietnam
– Shipping agency
– Multimodal transportation
– Maritime brokerage service
– Container repair

Macro Economic Indicators

Danang has enjoyed 10 years of exponential economic growth and is a key player in Vietnam’s endeavours to be one of the most stable and resilient world economies.

Ðà Nang is the leading industrial center of central Vietnam. Danang is one of the national economic, cultural, scientific and technological centres, especially of the central region and the Western Highlands. During the past years, it has had continuous and stable economic growth in line with progress in social life, advanced infrastructure and better urban planning. GDP grew at an average rate of 12.47% in the period 2001-2006 and at 11.04% in 2008.Its GDP per capita was 19 million VND in 2007, one of the highest in Vietnam (after Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Binh Duong Province, and Dong Nai Province). By 2009, this had increased to 27.3 million VND. Ðà Nang has been leading the Provincial Competitiveness Index rankings in 2008, 2009, and 2010 (and was second after Binh Duong Province in the three years before that), benefiting mostly from good infrastructure, good performance in labour training, transparency, proactive provincial leadership and low entry costs.


2006-2010 2010-2020
Average GDP growth rate 11-12% 12-13%
Average CPI US$2,000 US$4,500 – 5,000
Export revenue increase 23-25% p.a 23-25% p.a
Annual population growth rate 0.03%. 1%
Annual job creation 32,800 32,000 – 35,000

Trade Potential of Da Nang Province

In recent years, trade and import-export activities of the city have progressed significantly. Import-export turnover has increased continuously with an annual average growth rate of 10.37% in the period 1997-2006. The total export turnover of goods and services of the city in 2008 reached US$905.11 million, an increase of 19.6% compared to that of 2007.

Major export products are textiles, garments, woodchips, seafood, children’s toys, fine-arts products, etc. Closely following the guidelines of actively expanding markets with multilateral economic relations, and positively penetrating traditional markets as well as developing new ones, products made in Danang are exported to more than 90 countries and territories worldwide. In addition, much attention has been paid to improving trade relations between Danang and countries along the East West Economic Corridor.

Investments of Laos and Thailand in Danang (as of Sept. 2011)

Company Country Inv. form Committed capital (US$) Line of business
Champa Ltd. Laos JV 750,000 Development & operation of hotel, restaurant & related facilities
Minh Viet Thai JSC Thailand 100% of Thailand 625,000 Production of building materials
TLI Vietnam Thailand 100% of Thailand 10,000 Design, development , maintenance of golf courses, swimming pools, tending landscapes

Source: IPC Danang

Export Turnover (US$ million) 

Company 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
Danang – Thailand 0.533 4.308 3.046 2.102 0.241
Danang – Laos 13.000 22.508 18.613 21.843 19.881
Danang – Myanmar 0.811 1.878 2.084 1.878 0.916

Import Turnover (US$ million)

Company 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
Danang – Thailand 12.000 13.727 41.600 12.192 6.503
Danang – Laos
Danang – Myanmar

Exported ProductsSource: Danang  Dept. of  Industry and Trade

Existing exports Potential exports
Danang – Thailand Rubber tyres, fine-art handicrafts, wooden furniture, coffee Seafood, cotton garments
Danang – Laos Rubber tyres, buiding materials, petrol, plastic beads Garments, food, home-ware
Danang – Myanmar Rubber tyres, garments, fine-art handicrafts (bamboo)

Imported Products

Existing exports Potential exports
Danang – Thailand Plastic beads, chemicals, consumer goods, paper, synthetic rubber, garment accessories, Electrical products, high-quality plastic goods, fruits, spandex garments,
Danang – Laos Alcohol from sticky rice, wooden products
Danang – Myanmar Fine-art handicrafts


Source: Danang  Dept. of  Industry

Opportunities in Tourism

Danang is favored by nature, situated in the middle of the three world cultural heritage sites including the ancient capital Hue, the ancient town Hoi An and the holy land My Son. Such the position highlights the Danang’s role in Central Vietnam. This is the place for welcoming, serving and being the entrepot for tourists. Not only at the central point of the three world cultural heritages, Danang City has also lots of attractive spots which tourists feel unforgettable after visiting the city.

Number of visitor arrivals to Danang (2007-2011)

Source: Danang Dept. of Culture-Sports & Tourism

Abundant Tourism Potentials

Hai Van Pass

Area: 10,850 ha (9,764 ha of forest and forest land)
Length: 12 km
Hai Van tunnel: 6km – The longest tunnel of the Southeast Asia

Marble mountains – Five elements mountains

a cluster of five marble and limestone hills located in Ngu Hanh Son ward, south of Da Nang city in Vietnam. The five ‘mountains’ are named after the five elements; Kim (metal), Thuy (water), Moc (wood), Hoa (fire) and Tho (earth).

Ba Na Mountain
Ba Na is located 1,487 meters above sea level in the Truong Son mountain range, 40 kilometers to the southwest of Danang. Formerly, it was French’s resort with temperate climate, unspoiled forest, and spectacular view over the South China Sea

son tra peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula is a low mountainous area fully covered by forest . It is one of the city’s lung. Son Tra Peninsula and the Hai Van Pass embrace the Han River and form a wide closed bay. From the air, the Son Tra Peninsula looks like a fish fairy swimming to the Eastern Sea. From the sea, you can see three mountain peaks: Co Ngua, Nghe and Mo Dieu. The highest peak is 693m above the sea level.


Research and Development

These years, Danang authority has mobilized resources for developing science and technology, especially hi-tech sectors and made these sectors the crucial economic sectors of Danang city. Accordingly, the city authority has created good conditions for setting up many hi-tech centers specializing in researching and developing hi-tech sectors such as IT, telecommunication, automation, etc.

Leading Centers Activity
Name: Da Nang Hi-Tech park
Contact number:
Address: Hoa Lien Commune, Hoa Vang District
Da Nang hi-tech park is under-constructed.  Hi-tech manufacture industries: PC/peripherals, components and accessories for vehicle and airplane, telecommunication equipments, software, photovoltaic industry, integrated circuits, semiconductors, precise mechanics…
– Hi-tech service industries: Multimedia services, insurance and finance, logistics…
Name:  NOVAS technology Co., Ltd
Contact number: +84 511 3736909
Address: 354 Dien Bien Phu Str., Da Nang
Creating & building industrial advanced systems in Vietnam and developing countries.
Name:  Da Nang University’s research center
Contact number:  +84.511.3832678
Address:  41 Le Duan Str., Da nang City
Major Research Directions:
Basic research: Calculations and modeling, fluid mechanics, mathematics-informatics, chemistry, Nano materials.
technology: mechanic, electrical and thermal machines in service of life and production activities; technological solutions for environment protection; engineering technology, construction foundation; alternative energy; automatic translation, and software technology.
Name: Danang Software Park (Danang ICT Infrastructure Development Center)
Contact number: +84.511.3888666
Address: 02 Quang Trung Str., Danang
Under the management of Danang Department of Information and Communication, the center is a non-productive unit in charge of providing services on ICT and ICT infrastructures for both home and foreign investors doing their business in Danang.
Danang ICT Infrastructure Development Center is responsible for effectively managing and operating local ICT infrastructures to better serve the software industry development; leasing ICT infrastructures and premises; directly or delegating other parties to carry out the maintenance, repairs and upgrades of the center-managed infrastructures or constructions; and providing Internet services.
The center is also in charge of ensuring the environmental sanitation, and cooperating with local authorities to secure and keep public order for network and communication security infrastructure or ICT technology equipment as well.

Why invest in Danang Port

Danang’s advantages for business development
• Strategic location
• Developed infrastructure
• Plentiful workforce
• Business-friendly environment
• Stable economic growth

1.1. Danang – The dynamic city of the Key Economic Zone in central Vietnam
On 13 August 2004, the Prime Minister of Vietnam signed a decision to establish a Key Economic Zone in central Vietnam comprising Danang City and the provinces of Thua Thien-Hue, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai and Binh Dinh, a move aimed at leveraging its geological location, potentials and advantages to be one of the nation’s dynamically developed areas. Danang thereby, has the crucial role of a growth nucleus and giving impetus to the socio-economic growth of the central coast and Central Highlands region. Many major infrastructure projects have been completed or are being implemented in this economic zone:

1.2. Da Nang – The Eastern gateway of the East- West Economic Corridor
With 12 km2 of seaport, Da Nang is a pivotal part of the East-West Economic Corridor (sponsored by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and ODA from Japan in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS), the gateway to the Pacific Ocean of the virtually untapped hinterlands of Laos, northeast Thailand, Myanmar and central Vietnam.

Da Nang port consists of two areas: Tien Sa terminal and Song Han terminal with 1,493m length of berths. Port capacity reaches 5million tons per year together with its freight yards and warehouses nearby to support the throughput at the port

Tien Sa Port

  • Depth: 10-17m
  • Length: 965m
  • Capacity to accommodate: general cargo ships up to 45,000DWT, 2,000TEU container ships and passenger ships up to 75,000 GRT
  • Capacity of goods: 4.5 mil tons p.a

Song Han Terminal

  • Depth: 6-7m
  • Length: 528m
  • Capacity to accommodate: general cargo ships 3.000 DWT
  • Capacity of goods: 1 mil tons p.a

1.3. Danang – The entrance to World Natural and Cultural Heritages
Danang is on the 1,500km World Heritage Road stretching from Vinh to Dalat along the coastal of central Vietnam. Travelling along Highway 1A from Danang, visitors can conveniently access four of the five UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Vietnam, invaluable assets endowed by nature or created by the forefathers, comprising Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Hue Imperial City, Hoi An Old Town, and My Son Cham Sanctuary.

Hoi An Old Town

1.4 Danang – Competent workforce
Danang’s education and training have created a workforce with a well-deserved reputation for high skills, hard work, flexibility and loyalty which ensure your business has a constant supply of highly skilled and cost-effective staff.
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