Welcome to Quang Tri

Geographically, Quang Tri province profile is situated in central Vietnam. It borders Quang Binh province profile on the north, Thua Thien Hue to the south, Laos DPR to the west and the South China Sea to the east. It consists of 1 city, 1 town and 8 districts. The province profile lies on important communication axes of the country, of which National Road 9 is part of the East – West Economic Corridor running through Lao Bao International Border gate, giving the province profile an opportunity to develop trade, tourism, investment and investment co-operation with ASEAN countries.

What is the right time to visit Quang Tri for business?

The weather features a wide range of temperatures and rainfall, with hot and dry south-west winds during the Southwest Monsoon (May through September), and much cooler wet weather during the rainy season (November to mid-March). Annual average temperature is 24 °C (75 °F), but temperatures can drop as low as 7 °C (45 °F) during the rainy season. Hence the best time to visit the province profile for business is during Mid March to May.

Business Associations

List of Business Association
Non-state Enterprises & Cooperatives Alliance and SME Quang Tri
Address: Ly Thuong Kiet str, Dong Ha City, Quang Tri Province
Contact number: +8453356146
Young Entrepreneurs Association

Economic Zones

Economic Zone 1

Name: Lao Bao special economic zone
Location (city/district): Lao Bao Commercial Area administratively belongs to Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province_profile, being 60 km far from Dong Ha provincial capital, 150 km far from Hue city to the Northwest.

Area: 100 ha
Lao Bao Industrial – Trade and Service Sector is designed and planned in modern standards, technical infrastructure (transportation systems, electricity supply, water supply and drainage,…) of which has been invested synchronically to each planned plot, satisfying demand of serving production and business of investors.

Trade and Services sub-sector:
  • Planning is elaborated for main activities such as Trading Center, Supermarket, Show-rooms, hotels, restaurants, bonded warehouses,… and other services such as banking, posts and telecommunications, insurance,…
  • So far, the area in this sub-sector has been 50% full.
Industrial sub-sector:
  • Planning is elaborated for main activities such as light industries, processing, reprocessing, classifying and packaging, assembling, garment, leather shoes,…
  • So far, the area in this sub-sector has been 80% full.
Lao Bao border gate sub-sector:
  • Planning is elaborated for border gate management agencies such as Lao Bao border gate Station, National Gate, Border post, animal, medicinal guarantee stations,… and investment projects serving activities in the border gate such as: parking, duty-free shops, bonded warehouses,…
  • So far, the area in this sub-sector has been 30% full.

Out of this sector, the economic zone also has Northwestern industrial sector.

  • Producing, processing agro- or forestry products, foodstuff, beverages for export…
  • Producing all kinds of cosmetic, curative medicines…
  • Producing food for livestock, fertilizer…
  • Producing plastic products, office equipment…
  • Producing construction materials such as brick and tile, iron and steel…
Processing and installing:
  • Installing electronics, electricity, automobiles, motorbikes…
  • Processing garments, lace-embroidered products, high-grade sport footwear…
  • Processing, producing mechanic, fine art wooden products, interior decorations…..
  • Packing…
Trade – Service – Tourism:
  • Supermarket, duty-free stores, Offices and houses for rent…
  • Bonded warehouses, grounds, Hotels, restaurants, Exhibition fair…
  • Domestic and international tours with different kinds of services…
  • Entertainment and amusement services…

Cost of land rental: Projects invested into Lao Bao Special Economic – Commercial Area shall be exempted from land rent in the first 11 years and shall enjoy 30% land rental price applied in mountainous districts in Quang Tri Province from the 12th year forward. Price land rental in concentrated area is 0.01$/sqm/year; out of concentrated area is 0.003$/sqm/year.

Economic Zone 2: Economic Zone 3:
  • Name: Nam Dong Ha Industrial zone
  • Location: closed to Dong Ha railway station and National Road 1A; 2 km from Ho Chi Minh Road, 80 km from Lao Bao International Border Gate, 15 km from Cua Viet seaport in Quang Tri; 80 km from Phu Bai airport and 120 km from Chan May – Lang Co seaport in the South.
  • Infrastructure: Land leveling and infrastructure have been completed basically to the fence of factories, including the roads, electricity lines for production and business activities, the water drainage and supply systems. In 2009, a concentrated waste water treating system with a capacity of 1.000 m3/year is being constructed.
  • Investment attraction: Up to 12/2009, there were 19 projects registered and implemented with a total capital of 1,117 billion dong, typically the MDF wood processing plant with a total capital of 450 billion VND and a capacity of 60,000 m3/year; Klinker grind plant with a capital of 150 billion VND and a capacity of 250,000 tons/year; Hoa Tho Textile and Garment factory with a capital of 53 billion and engaging more than 1,000 laborers. Presently, the province profile is encouraging investors to implement their projects in the Zone.
  • Industrial sectors to be encouraged:
    – Assembly industries for electrical items, electronics, equipment, transport means, wood processing, textile and garment, construction materials;
    – Priority is given to the clean and less polluted industries
  • Name: Quang Ngang Industrial zone
  • Location: 7km North of Dong Ha town, 8km from Cua Viet seaport, closed to Ha Thanh railway station and the national Road 1A.
  • Infrastructure: Land clearance was completed. Main items such as asphalt road, electricity and water supply and drainage were constructed basically.
  • Projects invested: Up to 12/2009, there were 3 projects registered and implemented with a total capital of 132 billion dong; 01 project has started its operation and 02 projects are under construction.
  • Industrial sectors to be encouraged:
    – Processing industries for agro – forest – fishery products, beer, alcohol, soft drinks,
    – Manufacturing industries for construction materials, textile and garment, cosmetic products.

Policy/ regulation

Related laws, regulations and incentives in doing business in the province profile:

  1. Land rental exemption duration:
    • Projects investing outside IZs and Lao Bao SECA: shall be exempted from land rental for 3-15 years since the date projects are brought into operation.

    • Projects investing in IZs and Lao Bao SECA: shall be exempted from land rental for the first 7-11 years since the date projects are brought into operation.

  2. Land rental price:
    • Projects investing outside IZs and Lao Bao SECA: Land rental price is 0.3-0.45% of the land price promulgated annually by the PPC (according to specific area).

    • Projects investing in Lao Bao SECA: Land rental price enjoy a rate of 30% of the land rent applicable to Quang Tri’s mountainous districts from the 12th forwards.

    • Projects investing in IZs: Nam Dong Ha IZ: 1.620 VND/m2/year ~ 0,10 USD. Quan Ngang IZ: 810 VND/m2/year ~ 0,05 USD.

    • Projects investing in Tourist Areas: 1st location: 0,085 USD/m2/year; 2nd location 2: 0,05 USD/m2/year.

  3. Corporate income tax:

    Investors shall be exempted from tax for 2-4 years since their taxable incomes are generated; enjoy a 50% reduction for 4-9 subsequent years; and thereafter, the tax rate of 10-12% shall be applied for 10-15 years depending on the investment field and area.

    1. Vocational training support: A support of 500,000 – 1,000,000 VND/labourer for vocational training shall be applied depending types of training.
    2. Support for essential infrastructure construction outside projects’ fence:
      • Projects with an investment fund of 50 billion dong upwards shall be supported to a maximum amount, but not exceeding 1 billion dong for the electricity, water supply and environmental structures; not exceeding 3 billion dong for construction of road.
      • Projects contributing to the State’s budget 15 billion dong upwards shall be decided to support by the Provincial People’s Council according to each specific project.
  4. Support for site clearance:

    District/Town People’s Committees support investors to implement procedures on compensation and site clearance for the project execution. Costs of site clearance are mainly paid by investors; they are supported partially for the site clearance costs depending on characteristics and location of the project.

  5. Time of issuing investment license:

    Procedures on issuing investment license, land allocation, land lease shall be solved promptly since the date when the legitimate documents are received (not exceeding 7 working days).

Labor force and labor laws
– Minimum wage (if there is): 830.000 VND ( 40$ / month )
– Taxation:

Cooperate taxation rate: The general corporate income tax rate in Vietnam is 25%.
VAT rate: The general rate of VAT in Vietnam which applies to goods and services is 10%.  A reduced rate of 5% also applies to certain goods and services

More details at: http://www.taxrates.cc/html/vietnam-tax-rates.html

Financial Service

List of Financial Institutions
Vietnam Bank for Foreign Trade, (Vietcombank) Quang Tri branch
Address: 51 Tran Hung Dao, Dong Ha City, Quang Tri Province
Tel: 0533 555 727
Vietnam Commercial and Industrial Bank, Quang Tri branch
Address: 64 Nguyen Trai, Dong Ha City, Quang Tri Province
Tel: 0533 550 807 – 3565 789
Quang Tri Agriculture & Rural Development Bank
Address: 1A Le Quy Don St., Dong Ha Township, Quang Tri, Vietnam
Tel: (84-53) 852017
Vietnam Bank for Investment and Development, Quang Tri branch
Address: 24 Hung Vuong, Dong Ha City, Quang Tri Province
Tel: 0533 853 741 – 3850 150 – 3623 623
Fax: 0533 851 541
Email: quangtri@ bidv.comvn

Infrastructure Facilities

In term of infrastructure, Quang Tri has a favorable traffic system including roads, railway and waterway: National Road 1A, the National Railway splitting province profile in the direction of North – South, National Road 9 linking with Lao Bao International Border Gate in the direction of East – West; Cua Viet sea-port is being upgraded to accommodate 5,000 – 6,000 DWT ships. My Thuy seaport that is capable of accommodating 50,000 DWT ships is being approved by the Government and promoted strongly by the Province for investment.

Insurance Service

List of Financial Institutions
Bao Viet Insurance Company
Address : 61 Hung Vuong Street, Dong Ha City, Quang Tri province_profile
Tel: (84) 053 – 3852680
Thai Son Insurance Company – GMIC
Address: No 39 Le Loi – Dong Ha City, Quang Tri Province
Tel: 053 3582 555
Fax: 053 3582 678
Email:  [email protected]
Website:  http://www.gmic.com.vn

Investment Opportunities

Type of business/industry (ies) mainly targeted
Agriculture :
The province profile’s strengths are food production, long-term industrial crops:
  • Rubber - 14,000 ha
  • Pepper - 2,200 ha
  • Coffee - 4,200 ha
  • Farmstead Breeding
  • Aquaculture

Economic development strategies as the importance of agriculture in the regional economy decreases. Rural-based, labor-intensive industrialization will develop, accompanied by rapid growth of agro-processing industry and tourism. Currently, there are some industrial zones stating agro-processing industry as priority for investment.

The value of industrial production increased 26.84% annually in the period of 2005-2009.
  • Construction materials
  • Mechanical products
  • Mineral mining
  • Agro-fishery processing
  • Forestry

Facilities for Industry development:

  • Lao Bao Special Economic Zone
  • Southern Dong Ha industrial Zone
  • Quan Ngang industrial Parks.
The south-east ocean economic zone combined with My Thuy seaport is being planed.

The following strategic issues related to business opportunities are:

No. Project Invested Capital (Millions Dollar) Scope
1 Fish meal processing project 1.00 Industry
2 Civil and industrial plastic manufacturing project 2.86 Industry
3 Domestic animal feed processing project 3.93 Industry
4 Lamp, decorative light, electric wire and civil electric devices manufacturing project 1.68 Industry
5 High-grade stone, ceramic manufacturing plant 10 Industry
6 High quality electronics manufacturing & assembling 50 Industry
7 Gas tank manufacturing & gas charging project 2.81 Industry
8 Interior furniture manufacturing project for domestic market and export 2.81 Industry
9 Light lorry assembling plant 20 Industry
10 Ashlars paving stone and glass plant 20.0 Industry
11 Rubber product producing project (tire, tube, sole…) 20.0 Industry
12 Gypsum interior decoration material manufacturing plant 5.0 Industry
13 Export garment projects 20.0 Industry
14 Shipbuilding and repairing project 50.0 Industry
15 Car and motorbike spare-parts manufacturing project 20.0 Industry
16 Rubbish collection and treatment plant 5 Industry
17 Northern Central region coal-powered thermo-electricity center 2,400 Industry
18 Wind-generated electricity complex 6,000 Industry
19 Gas powered thermo-electricity plant 1,500 Industry
20 Construction glass manufacturing plant 4 Industry
21 Export shoe producing projects 2 Industry
22 Lao Bao, Dong Ha high-grade trading and office buildings 23 Commercials
23 Public service and finance consultancy center 3 Commercials
24 Dong Ha, Lao Bao, Cua Viet – Cua Tung 4-5 star hotels 35.0 Commercials
25 Dong Ha fair, workshop and exhibition center 20 Commercials
26 Lao Bao fair, workshop and exhibition center 20 Commercials
27 Con Co island tourist establishment 100 Tourism
28 Khe Gio ecological tourist area 20 Tourism
29 Ru Linh primeval forest ecological tourist area 20 Tourism
30 Coastal ecological service-tourist establishments 300 Tourism
31 Lang Cat, Spa village tourist infrastructure construction project 7 Tourism
32 Vay village tourist – service project 5,0-7,0 Tourism
33 Khe Sanh – Tan Do ecological tourist area project 5 Tourism
34 Dakong hot spring ecological tourist area 10.0 Tourism
35 Ai Tu lake ecological tourist area 15.0 Tourism
36 Tram Tra Loc ecological tourist establishment 100.0 Tourism
37 Cua Viet – Con Co Island service-tourist route development 5.0 Tourism
38 O o waterfall ecological tourist area 5.0 Tourism
39 Trieu Lang ecological tourist area 20.0 Tourism
40 Rao Quan irrigation-hydroelectric ecological tourist area 20.0 Tourism
41 Domestic animal breeding and meat processing 5 Agro-products
42 Fruit –  vegetable planting and processing project 5 Agro-products
43 Green projects along NR No.9 5 Agro-products
44 Rubber tree development project 15 Agro-products
45 Export coffee processing plant 10.0 Agro-products
46 Export aquaculture and seafood processing project 10 Agro-products
47 Forest planting and wood processing plant construction project 20.0 Agro-products
48 Quan Ngang IP infrastructure construction project 7.3 Infrastructure
49 Con Co Island water supply for trading and living activities 5 Infrastructure
50 La Lay national border infrastructure construction 15 Infrastructure
51 Constructing apartment buildings and tenements for rent 8,0 Infrastructure
52 Depots and Container field 2.0 Infrastructure
53 Dong Nam – Quang Tri  EZ infrastructure construction and trading – phase I 1.500-1.800 Infrastructure
54 Bac Ho Xa IP infrastrucutre construction and trading 8.0 Infrastructure
55 My Thuy deep sea-port construction 10.0 Infrastructure
56 Lao Bao township general vocational training school 5,0-7,0 Infrastructure
57 Lao Bao SECA infrastrucutre construction and trading – phase II 20.0 Infrastructure
58 Lao Bao SECA infrastrucutre construction and trading – phase II 20.0 Infrastructure

Logistic Provider

List of Logistic Provider
 Quang Tri Transportation Joint Stock Company
Address: 49 Ly Thuong Kiet, Dong Ha city, Quang Tri province_profile
Tel: (+84) 053 3564089 
Fax: (+84)053 3560758
Mobil: (+84)0983036345    PKD.Trn Thanh Tùng
E-mail:  [email protected]
 Quang Tri Trading single member Limited Company
Address:  01 Phan Bội Châu, TP Đông Hà, Tỉnh Quảng Trị
Tel:  (+84) 53 3853 031 – 53 2211 064
Fax: (+84) 53 3852 695
Email: [email protected]

Macro Economic Indicators

There are three sectors which are vital for the province profile of Quang Tri province profile (i) Agro, fishery and forestry (2) Industry and construction and (3) Services. The individual contributions of each one of these sectors are listed below:

  • Industrial trees: rubber, pepper, coffee
  • Aquaculture and seafood
  • Construction material such as cement
  • Soft drinks (“Supper horse “trademark)

Natural Resources

  • Mineral: limestone, titanium, gold, silica sand
  • Fishery resource: tiger shrimp, cuttlefish, seriola-dumerili and sea-cucumber

Opportunities in Tourism

Being a gateway of the East West Economic Corridor to Vietnam, with beautiful landscapes and a long history of over 700 years, particularly the special revolutionary war relics, Quang Tri has a great advantage of developing various types of tours, 3 of which have remarkable ones, including the historical – cultural tour, the eco-tour, and the transit tour through the East West Economic Corridor.

Research and Development

List of R & D Institutions
Mekong Sub-region Cultural Research Center
Contact number:  +84 53 2470666
Address:  Higher education school
Quang Tri Science and technology
Contact number: +84 53.3550382
Address: 204 Hung Vuong, Dong Ha, Quang Tri
Quang Tri seeds and livestock center
Contact number:   +84 53.3850091
Address:  Ly Thuong Kiet, Dong Ha, Quang Tri

Why invest in Quang Tri

Quang Tri is situated on important transportation routes, such as: the National road 1A, the Ho Chi Minh Road, the North-South railway and the waterway. Especially, there is highway No.9 situated on the East – West Economic Corridor (EWEC) pertaining to the Great Mekong Sub-region (GMS) that is most ideal trans-Asia route linking Myanmar, the Northeast of Thailand and Laos with Central provinces of Vietnam via Lao Bao international border gate The favorable location and the rich of natural resources and minerals are offering great advantages and prospects for the province profile to develop all fields of the provincial social economic foundation to keep pace with neighboring provinces and countries in the Southeast Asia and all over the world in the context of integration trend.

Especially, in the last few years, Vietnamese Government has paid much attention to Quang Tri by issuing some new policies for its development, such as: establishing Lao Bao Special Economic – Commercial Area with the highest investment incentives according to current provisions of Vietnamese Laws and the international treaties signed or participated by Vietnam; conducting for setting up groups of industrial zones in Northern of Cua Viet, Southern of Dong Ha; allowing Quang Tri to make expanding urbanization plan, in which emphasis is stressed on the development of Dong Ha to be a level III city in 2007 and Lao Bao Special Economic – Commercial Area to be upgraded to a level IV city in 2010. Besides, Quang Tri province profile had issued some investment preferential policies to create favorable investment environment and to attract the domestic and overseas investors. Together with preferential policies, Quang Tri had also promulgated some orientation policies on promotion development for the sand edge of sea, the far remote regions in the West of the province profile, the tourism sector. Furthermore, Quang Tri people with their characteristics of working hard are trying all their best to make contribution to the build and develop homeland country.

The entire mentioned above are creating favorable conditions and good opportunities for the investors to cooperate to invest in Quang Tri province_profile. Quang Tri is ready to open its doors to Welcome all entrepreneurs and investors domestically and abroad