Danang Center For Tourism Promotion

Danang Center For Tourism Promotion Since: 1999

Governmental Tourism Promotion Organization
Danang , VIET NAM


Address100 Nui Thanh street, Hai Chau district, 550000
Main contact Ms. An Nguyen, Vice Managing Director

Development history

Established in 1999, within 18 years, Danang Center for Tourism Promotion has promoted Danang tourism to domestic and international markets, attract more tourists to Danang, contrubution to GDP of Danang.

Key responsibility  

  • Organize, cooperate with tourism companies in market research, survey and study, guide the investment and development in tourism, providing conditions for the exploitation of domestic and international tourists promote tourism activities in the area od Danang city.
  • Cooperate with concerned branches to conduct the training and improvement for cadres and officials in tourism industry.
  • Research information technology applications in guest management, travel management and hospitality management to meet the development demand of the industry and the region.
  • Danang center for Tourism Promotion is permitted to conduct consultancy services, tourism services and market information supply, organize tourism conferences, seminars and exchanges in accordance with the industry’s policies and orientations.
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