Mukdahan Provincial Industry Office

Mukdahan Provincial Industry Office Since: 1982

Governmental Trade Promotion Organization (TPO), Governmental Investment Promotion Agency (IPA)
Mukdahan , THAILAND


Fax.+66 (0) 42-613694
Address188 Mueang Mai Road, Tumbol Mukdahan, Amphoe Mueang Mukdahan, 49000
Main contact Mr. Wasan Nisaiman, Provincial Industrial Officer

Development history:

Established in 1982 under the Royal Thai Government


  1. Promote industry
    • Coordinate Suggestions, policies and strategic plans for the industry to push the provincial authorities to comply with the potential of the area and the needs of the community.
    • Strengthen the competitiveness of industrial enterprises by integrating the database of industrial and educational data.
    • Analysis of the industrial economy of the province, Track progress and evaluate success, the impact of the operation of the agency under the Ministry of Industry.
  2. Regulator, inspection and supervision to factory to follow the factory law; such as mineral law on mineral Royalty Rates, Law on tin ore control Law on Industrial Product Standards and other laws relevant within the jurisdiction
  3. Development of information technology in the industrial sector facilitates the provision of investment and industry services to manage and service the public and private sectors.


It is the main organization that drives policies and strategies to support the growth of a balanced and sustainable industry.

Key responsibility:

As above on mission.

Key service areas:

  1. Policy and Planning Department: Responsible for analysis, recommendations, policies and guidelines. Industrial development and promotion at provincial level
  2. Industrial Department: Responsible for controlling industrial plants to comply to the Laws
  3. Minerals and Minerals Industry: Responsible, controlled, supervised, and regulated by the Minerals Act.
  4. Industry Promotion Department: Responsible for coordinating, promoting and developing industrialized industries including Family industry and Rural industry
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