Myanmar Trade Promotion Organization (MyanTrade)

Myanmar Trade Promotion Organization (MyanTrade) Since: 2016

Governmental Trade Promotion Organization (TPO)
Kayin State , MYANMAR


AddressMYANTRADE Centre, Near Police Station
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Development history

Regarding to the goodwill visit of the President of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, on October 2012 to Korea, the two countries’ leader had agreed to set up Myanmar Trade Promotion Organization-MYANTRADE by the kind support of the Republic of Korea. Record of Discussion (ROD) was signed with the purpose of trade and trade-related investment promotion on March 6, 2014. The Department of Trade Promotion and Consumer Affairs of the Ministry of Commerce, and the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), had discussed ROD in accordance with Terms of Reference, and agreed the project of capacity development for Trade-Investment Promotion and Establishment of Master Plan for MYANTRADE by ROD. At the 2nd Korea-Myanmar Joint Committee for Economic Cooperation held in Seoul, Korea last October, 2014, the Union Minister for National Planning and Economic Development, Myanmar, the Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of Strategy and Finance, Korea signed on Agreed Minutes. The country leaders regarded the promotion of bilateral trade and investment in unison with each other’s, and longed for further general trade cooperation, and to extend collaboration in setting up the MYANTRADE. The MYANTRADE was set up with the objectives; To raise profile of Myanmar exporters in international markets; To disseminate timely and relevant information and market research data to help Myanmar companies gain competitive edge in international markets; To introduce Myanmar companies to foreign buyers; To promote export of Myanmar goods and services in overseas markets.

The proposal dated September 3, 2015 to organize an innovative department entitled in Myanmar Trade Promotion Organization-MYANTRADE under the Ministry of Commerce was submitted to the Union Government and it was approved by the President Office on November 27, 2015. In accordance with the discussion made by the meeting of Union Government (No. 11/2016) dated March 24, 2016, the establishment of Myanmar Trade Promotion Organization-MYANTRADE was approved and the activities of the organization were proudly started on April 1, 2016.


To promote Myanmar’s trade and exports to enable local companies to compete effectively in the regional and global markets. The branding of ‘Made- in-Myanmar’ of goods and services will be the key focus of MYANTRADE.


Positioning Myanmar as a regionally competitive trading nation to attain export-led development strategy through promoting Myanmar’s enterprises.

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