Quang Tri Center of Industry and Trade Promotion

Quang Tri Center of Industry and Trade Promotion Since: 2008

Governmental Trade Promotion Organization (TPO)
Quang Tri , VIET NAM


AddressHung Vuong Street, Dong Luong Ward
Main contact Hoan Nguyen Truong, Director


  1. Position and function:

Quang Tri Center of Industry and Trade Promotion was a public business unit under Quang Tri Department of Industry and Trade, functioning public service management at the local Industry and Trade sector, providing products and services in the field industry and trade promotion activities prescribed in Decree No. 134/2004 / ND-CP dated June 9, 2004 to encourage the development of rural industries; Decree No. 37/2006 / ND-CP dated April 4 2006 on detailing the implementation of the Commercial Law on trade promotion activities; Implementation of advisory services in the field of industrial and commercial organizations and individual domestic and foreign investors wishing to develop production and business.

  1. The tasks and powers:
  1. Regarding the Industry Promotion:
  • Develop programs, plans and projects and the legal text of the extension works the competent authority for approval or promulgation and implementation after approval;
  • Direct implementation of extension activities of the programs, plans, industry promotion projects funded;
  • Organize information and communication and dissemination of policies and legal documents on industrial development in rural areas (rural industrial) and industrial promotion activities locally.
  • Set up and exploit rural industrial electronic data at the Centre such as development planning sectors and products; rural industrial base and the need for support; list of projects calling for investment needs; projects need effective propagation; materials - market, business opportunities linked cooperate or purchase products ...
  • Set up television programs, radio; publications; pamphlets, leaflets; website and other forms of mass communication to disseminate knowledge, production and business models typical equipment - advanced technology, market information and other information for production and business establishments industrial, trade locally.
  • Sign and implement contracts in conformity with the law for organizations and individuals to perform functions and duties assigned and responsible before the superior authorities, before law the contract concluded by the Centre, perform.
  • Direct promotion of professional instruction for industrial promotion activities at district, town and commune in the province.
  1. Regarding the Trade Promotion:
  • Participate in building business development strategies; advise and propose programs, plans and projects developed domestic markets, export markets in the province.
  • Consult with Business, i.e. give Advice for businesses in the province of markets, commodities, technology, engineering and business; Also, help, advice and guidance for foreign companies to develop business in Quang Tri in law, business environment, finding partners;
  • Recommend and support businesses now seek business partners, expand markets; Organizing for local business groups to communicate with businesses at home and abroad, and vice versa, introduction to businesses of provinces and cities in the country and abroad is conditional exploration, survey and search for joint ventures, cooperation linked to business development in the province.
  • Collect, process, store information on trade policies, market conditions, pricing, network organization, the investment environment to cater for trade promotion programs. Regular releases of information through newsletters, websites, and radio and television programs, expedited, CDROM on markets, commodities, seeking partners, introduce new products ...
  • Organize, guide and support the enterprises participating trade fairs and exhibitions; mobilize and organize, guide and support local enterprises to participate in exhibitions, fairs, advertising in national and international
  • Perform consultancy industrial development and trade:
  • Give Advice on documentation, legal procedures to establish, invest in expanding industrial businesses;
  • Prepare, adjust the plan development, parks, industrial locations;
  • Consult with chain design, production and technology transfer; handling environmental pollution; designs, product labels, product quality; cleaner production and use of energy saving and efficiency; method of quality management, production and sales as ISO, GMF, HACCP.
  • Consult in the fields of financial management - accounting - production - manpower;
  • Organize the study group, survey, study at home and abroad about activities to encourage the development of rural industry.
  • Consult with the construction of power projects with a voltage of 35 kV or less;
  • Organize, guide and support the enterprises participating trade fairs, effectively introduce products to the market at home and abroad.
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